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48 FPS

A few days ago I watched  The Hobbit  at 48 frames per second (FPS), and I have to say it detracted from the experience, at least on a first viewing. The picture was of such high quality and clarity that it appeared too  lifelike, and I could not get immersed into the story. It felt like I was watching actors performing lines, doing a rehearsal or staging a live play, rather than watching characters in a film. It was missing the magic of the movies. Despite the high ratings on IMDB, I'd have to rate the film a mere 6/10 at this point. I've seen several other movies shot at the standard 24 FPS since, and by contrast they did seem fuzzier. However, I was able to suspend disbelief and enjoy those movies. The Hobbit is also showing at 24 FPS in the downtown Toronto IMAX , so I plan to watch it again, to see if it fares better in the IMAX format at the lower frame rate. If I like it, I'll go back and try the 48 FPS version a second time. James Cameron is apparently experi

35 million

Canada's population reached  35 million people  this week, making us the fastest growing country in the G8. Immigration is an important component of that growth. As someone born in Canada to parents who had immigrated from Greece, I can understand the attractiveness of this great nation for those looking for a better place to call home. With the world in turmoil, Canada stands out as a beacon to those seeking a better future. Other nations should look to us as a role model for showing how people of different cultures can work together successfully.