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Free Pizza Domination

Cineplex has been running a great promotion in conjunction with Pizza Pizza lately. The top player in the Timeplay movie trivia competition (which precedes the trailers) wins a free medium pizza. The remaining top 10 players get a free slice of pizza. In 5 competitions, I've been the top player 4  times, and came in 2nd place the other time.

Here's what I've learned:

You can't have more than one of the same prize be redeemable within the "My Stuff" folder. For example, I had 2 free pizzas (because I didn't redeem the first pizza, before winning the 2nd free pizza), but once I redeemed the first free pizza, the 2nd one disappeared from the "My Stuff" folder. So, it's important to redeem the reward quickly, or at least before you win again.You can't win more than one prize per day. Sometimes I take in two movies in a single day. I won a free slice in the first movie, and a free pizza in the 2nd movie. But, since I'd already won that day…

Jury Duty

Yesterday I received a jury duty summons. It should prove interesting, as I've never served on a jury. As luck would have it, the Toronto Star published an article on jury duty in this morning's newspaper.