48 FPS Revisited

Following up on a prior post, I had the opportunity to watch The Hobbit again at 48 frames per second (FPS), and the experience was much better than the first viewing. I actually watched it at the ScotiaBank Theatre in IMAX first (at the standard 24 FPS), and then immediately went to the SilverCity Yonge-Eglinton UltraAVX screen, which was not only showing the film at 48 FPS, but also had the Dolby Atmos sound system (the only venue in Toronto with this new technology, apparently).

After three viewings, I'd update my rating of the film to 8/10. As for the 48 FPS technology, the picture appeared superior to that of the IMAX screening earlier in the day. It still felt a bit "different" than a normal film experience, but I'm starting to get comfortable with it now. I could enjoy the film this time, without being distracted by the technology.

The second film in the The Hobbit trilogy, The Desolation of Smaug, is due in theatres at the end of 2013, and I'll likely only watch it in the higher frame rate. I hope that by then Cineplex will have installed the Dolby Atmos system in more Toronto theatres, so that moviegoers can experience it with the best possible sound too.

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